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  • Watch the Tate Modern Restore Mark Rothko’s Vandalized Painting, Black on Maroon: 18 Months of Work Condensed Into 17 Minutes

    Here is a video and article from the site Open Culture. It relates to what I have written previously about art vandalism and the harsh treatment of it’s less famous perpetrators, especially as it is seen as real artistic expression by some major World artists, particularly Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei. It raises real issues of…

  • When New York Was Really Happening

    Pace Gallery has mounted a world class mini-museum show on the art of the Happening using its vast holdings as well as supplemental gleanings loaned from the Whitney, MOMA and Getty museums. Source: When New York Was Really Happening

  • “So Here I Am” a poem by Kenny Wilson

    so here I am in florence connecting with the past trying to find myself in a weird way playing music in a strange land full of cobwebs and fairies that leap up at me and scare me and wake me from my renaissance sleep there is no past only the present where art screams from…

  • ‘Yellowism’ Explained!

    I found this blog when looking for images of Duchamp and decided to copy and post it here. It links to my ‘Vandalising Rothko’ piece and at the time I had no idea what Yellowism was! I found it very interesting so I reposted it in full. It is clear that Vladimir Umanets was very…

  • Vandalising Rothko

    The news item that interested me most in the past week is about the vandalising of a Mark Rothko canvas in the Tate gallery. The kind of outcry that this caused was quite interesting. An article by Jonathon Jones in The Guardian described it as virtually a sacrilegious act even though it’s not a religious…

  • James Riley’s talk

    Here is a link to James Riley’s superb talk: James Riley’s talk