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First impressions

OK, this is my first post. Been here for 2 days now and I feel exhausted and exhilirated. New York is big in every way but also personal and the people are very friendly. Spent part of last night at a comedy open mic where I ended up accompanying someone reciting haikus while I played a piano where only about half the notes worked! Bizarre! Am going to the place that was the original Gaslight tonight. You know, the place where the original beats read their poetry and the best Dylan bootleg was recorded. Can’t wait. I feel really excited by the history of it all. Of course, it’s not as bohemian now. In fact, Greenwich is quite posh. Never mind, I can use my imagination.

Spent today learning how to use the subway and the buses. Still managed to wear myself out walking. Central Park is lovely and an oasis of calm in the city. Walked up Madison Avenue to the upper east side. So posh I had to wait to be sat to have a cappuccino. Won’t be going there again.

The buildings are truly amazing and very varied. Times Square has to be seen to be believed. A phantasmagoria of lights and images. A true monument to commercialism.

Will tell you tomorrow how tonight’s open mic went.






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