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Path Cafe, Hoboken and Bar 4

Well here I am writing my blog overlooking the Hudson River. I’m beginning to feel quite at home here. Had another good night at the Path Cafe which has become my local bar. Really friendly and have made lots of good contacts there. Have been invited to sessions with some of the best musicians in NYC, and believe me there are some good ones here. Will be joining a bluegrass jam session at the National Underground club on Sunday afternoon so I am practicing my fancy guitar licks. Have also been invited to a late night session at the Red Lion, Bleecker Street which is one of the best live music venues in NYC.

Went on the Path Train to Hoboken (home town of Frank Sinatra). A plaque commemorates Sinatra as “Hoboken’s gift to the World”. Crazy!! Some great views of Manhattan from the river.Will go back there with my movie camera. It’s the first place I felt I had something to film. Came back on the ferry and was the only passenger. Beautiful with great views of Liberty and Ellis Island. Had the worst hamburger I’ve ever had in Hoboken. Felt sick for the rest of the day!

Had a night off from playing and went to a CD launch of Ryan Morgan supported by the Sky Captains of Industry playing at Bar 4, Brooklyn. Managed to get there without getting lost. Yippee!! Changed my mind about Brooklyn. Downtown is pretty bad but the old part is great with original brownstone buildings and a downbeat bohemian atmosphere. Very friendly. Both bands were absolutely brilliant. Had a really good time at the after party. Didn’t get to bed til 4 so am a bit knackered now. Got invited to play in Philadelphia. Apparently you can get there on the bus for $10. Am tempted, but it’s on Tuesday and there’s a good session here. Think I might just concentrate on NYC this time. Can come back another time and check out other cities.



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