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Caffe Vivaldi and Shopping

My planned trip to Ellis Island didn’t come about because of the terrible weather. Decided instead to go shopping. First time I’d done that since I came here. Managed to get all the presents and discovered Macy’s Department Store. This place is like a city in itself. It is unbelievably big. Managed to get totally lost looking for the perfume counter. A rather heavy looking security guard asked me in a suspicious way if I needed any help. I told him I was looking for a bottle of Dior Pure Poison (no, really). After a few seconds when I think he was thinking of throwing me out he told me where the counter was. I think the English accent clinched it. Still took me about half an hour to find it. What a palaver!

Found a new cafe to have breakfast. It’s called Grounded and just up the road. Really nice coffee as the name would suggest. Just as pretentious as where I’m staying but it’s easier to be anonymous. The hotel cafe is full of yuppies who seem to need to tell me how much they hate their jobs. Go and do something useful, what’s wrong with you!? Go and occupy something! Mind you, the only reason they talk to me is because they think I’m a big time film producer, which I’m not but it gives me an aura of glamour I that I probably wouldn’t have if they knew I was a retired teacher.

Went to Caffe Vivaldi Open Mic last night which is on Jones Street. There were some really great performances but I can’t help feeling there is an air of desperation in what they are doing. They all try and direct you to their web sites and brag about their position in the Reverbnation charts and such like. Don’t they realise it’s all crap! Just do it and forget about commercial success! Met a really interesting old school guy there who has written his own New York song in the style of a show tune. Absolutely brilliant, I thought it was a classic I’d never heard before. It wasn’t, it was his! Am meeting up with him to talk about the old days. Fascinating!

Not sure where I’m going tonight but I’ve got a late late gig at the Red Lion with a great player called Niall. Nearly thought of going to Moma today but realised in time that it’s closed on Tuesdays.






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