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The Met and Penny’s open mic

Had another great day although at the beginning I thought it was Wednesday and not Tuesday. Intended to go to the Museum of Modern Art but it was closed on Tuesdays, so much for the city that never sleeps. Went to the Met and that was brilliant apart from it took me a while to find the things I was interested in. Got bogged down with rooms full of Roman sculptures and furniture ( not Roman). Then I found the second floor and some fantastic Medieval and Renaissance art. And also some amazing El Grecos and Rembrandts etc. Got thrown out before I got to the Modern section so I need to go back there.

Am going to Moma today so that’s something to look forward to.

The hightlight was going to Penny’s open mic at ” Under St. Marks Theatre’” which is on St. Mark’s Place. It was exciting being on St. Mark’s Place because it is mentioned in a Lou Reed song ” Sally Can’t Dance”. This proved what an exciting performance place New York still is. All the acts were brilliant and it lasted from 9.30 til 3 in the morning. I did 2 songs and it went pretty well. They want me back next week. Encountered a New York rat on the way back (no, a real one). It ran out in front of me from a bag of rubbish. It was enormous. There’s some pretty well fed rats in New York. I’ve learned how to ride the L train so can get across town easier now. It’s fun.

Not sure where I’m playing tonight but am looking forward to it. Going to try doing some busking soon! Hope I don’t get arrested or deported, but you’ve got to take risks!


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