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The Image is the Servant

The Image is the Servant

Here’s me at the microphone at an event at Hansom Hall, Leicester organised by David Soden. It is a battle between performers and images taken of them and projected on to screens around the hall. Here’s a short video of one of the performances:

It was a brilliant event that reminded me a bit of the happenings and events of my youth. Mind you, the technology has changed a lot since then with banks of computers rapidly processing images as they are taken but the effect on the senses was surprisingly similar! It was not that far from the projections and light shows of the past!!

The Image is the Servant
The Image is the Servant



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2 responses to “The Image is the Servant”

  1. tony perkins Avatar
    tony perkins

    Hi kenny.great blogs and i remember you,geoff and ric from my time working in cusacks music shop.also i asked you to play at a tiny pub out in the sticks and you obliged,turning up with your guitar on your honda 50.good to hear you still playing .a real stalwart of the leicester music scene.all the best kenny.

    1. Kenny Wilson Avatar

      How true! Mind you, it was a Honda 70 not a 50. Went everywhere on it. The most economical form of transport I ever had!

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